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  Impact Wrestling Results – May 17, 2012

Backstage, TNA champion Gail Kim was complaining about having to defend the title against Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher at the same time to Madison Rayne. Rayne wasn’t really paying attention but tried to pretend she was. Kim asked her if it was because of “that guy” and Rayne acted like she didn’t know what Kim was talking about. Kim was annoyed and said she was going to talk to Hulk Hogan. She ran into Sky and Tessmacher who reminded her she cheated to beat each of them and tonight that couldn’t happen.

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher
Kim tried to get out of the ring but the challengers trapped her and nailed her back and forth. Brooke nailed her with a flying forearm. Kim bounced outside to the floor. Sky and Tessmacher went back and forth, catching each other with near falls. Sky went to rebound off the ropes but Kim tripped her and pulled her ouf of the ring. She went after Tessmacher and began choking Brooke against the ropes. Tessmacher was thrown out of the ring to the floor. When she returned, Kim nailed a sideslam, then used her foot to choke Tessmacher. She locked in a Boston Crab. Sky snuck up on her and locked a Dragon Sleeper on Kim. Tatsumi Fujinami would be proud. Sky whipped Kim into the corner but missed a charging splash. Kim locked an Octopus on Brooke. Sky rolled up Kim for a near fall. That was a cool spot.

Sky and Tessmacher tried to go for a move but each blocked the other. Kim came off the top with a top rope missile dropkick on both. With all three down, the referee began counting them down. Sky nailed Tessmacher with a Pedigree but was thrown out of the ring by Kim. Kim covered Brooke for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockout champion, Gail Kim.

Credit for report: GailKimSource.org

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– After what happened at “Sacrifice”, the Knockouts Championship will be decided on Thursday in a three-way match between Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, and Brooke Tessmacher

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  Sacrifice Results

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match
Gail Kim (c) vs. Brooke Tessmacher
Brooke and Gail get right in each other’s face and Gail attacks with a big forearm. Gail takes Brooke into the corner and beats on her before taking her out with a snap mare and a kick to the chest. Kim picks Brooke up and sends her into the ropes, getting a monkey flip and hurricanrana from Brooke for her troubles. Brooke tries for Eat Defeat, but Kim rolls to the outside. Kim gets back to the apron and is brought into the ring the hard way and hits with a big dropkick. Kim sends Brooke into the corner and Brooke comes out with a leaping clothesline from the second. Brooke tries for Eat Defeat again, but Kim rolls to the apron and catches Brooke with a leg drop to the back of the head on the middle rope.
Gail continues to wear out Brooke with a big clothesline that’s good for two. Brooke tries to fight back, but Kim stifles her again with a shot to the face. Kim sends Brooke into the corner and whips herself in afterwards. Kim gloats before choking Brooke with her boot. Kim picks up Brooke and hits her with a backbreaker, stretching her across her knee.
Brooke fights out with a couple of knees, but Kim picks her up and hits a short arm clothesline to take her right back down. Kim rubs her bottom in Brooke’s face before choking her with her boot again. Kim hits Brooke with a big forearm before sending her into the ropes. Brooke comes out with a flying forearm and both women are down.
Kim charges Brooke in the corner and eats a boot to the gut. Brooke hits a series of clotheslines before sending Kim into the corner and hitting a nice facebuster. Brooke heads up to the top rope, leaping off with a sort of elbow drop that’s good for a two count. Both women are slow to get to their feet. Brooke tries for a suplex, but Gail fights it off. Gail tries for Eat Defeat, but Brook fights it off and hits one of her own. Gail falls to the outside.
Brooke heads out and sends Gail right back into the ring, going for the pin, but Gail kicks out at two. Brooke charges Gail, but Gail rolls her up and puts her feet on the ropes for a three count.
Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

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