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  Impact Wrestling Results – September 20th, 2012

Tara comes out to the ring and asks for a microphone and says he’s heard everyone asking why he did what he did to Miss Tessmacher Everyone used her so they could hold up their signs and get themselves on TV, and it took someone really special (her new boyfriend who lives in Hollywood where he’s a huge star) to open her eyes and remind her that she’s the best female wrestler there is. Brooke used her too so she could get at the Knockouts Title, so since it’s Open Fight Night, she’s going to call out her opponent tonight…Christy Hemme. Christy looks surprised, but Tara says she can challenge anyone and wants Christy to get her ass in the ring now and not let her fans down. Christy tries to explain that she’s not a wrestler and asks her not to do this, but Tara tells Christy that she needs to show some respect. She asks Christy who her favorite Knockout it, and Christy says it’s Miss Tessmacher. Tara grabs her by the hair and asks who her favorite Knockout is now, and Brooke comes running in and Tara bails. Brooke calls Tara a lying bitch and Tara makes angry faces at her before backpedaling up the ramp.

Brooke Hogan is backstage asking Tara what just happened out there, and Tara said she just wanted to teach Miss Tessmacher some respect. Brooke says she’s disappointed in Tara, and there will be repercussions next week.

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