Impact Wrestling Results – August 29, 2013
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Date: Aug 29, 2013

Impact Wrestling kicks off with The Aces & Eights lead by the president Bully Ray. Bully goes on about what happened to his brother Devon. He get’s a word from every member of the Aces of Eights and finalizes his statement by saying Devon has always been a loser and the only man he needs on his side is Tito Ortiz.

Bully Ray wants to go give Tito his own colors until Anderson interrupts him objecting to that motion. Bully responds by saying he is the president of this group and will do what he pleases. He then wants his girl Brooke Tessmacher to come out. A&E music hits the arena and out comes Brooke Tess holding an Aces & Eights jacket. She hands the jacket to Bully Ray to give to Tito.

Bully Ray tells us that he heard his father in law Hulk Hogan is here tonight, and wants to introduce him to the only Brooke that mattered in his life.

Later in the show, Bully Ray, Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz are backstage. Bully says that he wants Tito to keep his eye on Mr. Anderson.

Hulk Hogan is in the ring and wants to bring out his next order of business, but Bully Ray along with Brooke Tessmacher make their way down to the ramp interrupting Hogan. “Dad! You’re back!” says Bully Ray. He tells him a lot has happened since he has been gone. Hogan insists that he has been taking care of business and hands him divorce papers. Bully throws the papers down and says he doesn’t care about divorce papers, or his daughter, claiming he just used her to get everything he wanted.

Hulk Hogan wants to give Bully Ray something, which is a title match against one of the Aces and Eights members in two weeks! Also, going to be defending his title next week against Sting! Brooke escapes the ring just in time as Sting and Bully Ray go at it.

Exclusive Interview – Get to know Brooke Tess!
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Date: Aug 27, 2013

Attention TessNation! Its about that time for another exclusive interview with the one and only Brooke Tessmacher! This interview is a little bit different from the last, not focusing so much on wrestling, but getting to know a little more about Brooke! In this interview, you will get to know what Brooke thinks about the latest trending topics such as Miley Cyrus, special diets, fashion icons and what she can’t leave her house without! So if you’re ready, here we go!

What are your other projects you’re currently working on other than TNA Wrestling?
I am working on a huge supplement sponsorship to become the face of the brand. I can’t let you in yet on who but looking forward to closing the deal with this wonderful company! Will be pretty exciting.

Growing up, did you ever expect yourself to be where you are currently?
What I have accomplished and the path I chose for my career is definitely not where I saw myself. I wanted to be a veterinarian, nurse, or forensic scientist….. Hummm how did I get here again? Lol.

If people didn’t know you, what would you most like them to know about yourself, that someone might not be aware of?
I am deep down very very shy.

Would you consider yourself a sex symbol?
Me a Sex symbol? Of course. I have cashed in my entire career using my looks and cute hiney :).

Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss are just a few of the fashion icons of today, who would you say is your current favorite style icon?
There isn’t just one. I love J-lo’s style, Beyonce takes risks, and Blake Lively is so classic.

Read the rest of this interview by clicking here!

That isn’t all we have for you guys! Be sure to checkout these exclusive shots from one of Brooke’s favorite photoshoot she has done! More shots will be released in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy these 4 amazing photos from the photoshoot!

Inside IMPACT: Bully Ray and Brooke Tessmacher
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Date: Aug 23, 2013

Impact Wrestling Results – August 22, 2013
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Date: Aug 22, 2013

Last week, two bullies joined forces. Now Tito Ortiz and World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray have come to gloat and celebrate. The new champion rubs his championship win in the face of all the Impact fans. He fooled us all with Tito by his side. The Aces and Eights President turns the microphone over to Ortiz, who calls out Rampage Jackson. As his opponent for the November 2nd Bellator MMA Pay-Per-View, Jackson never stood a chance. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy promises to knock the Main Event Mafia member out every chance he gets until his big grand finale knockout November 2nd.

Bully says that while Tito’s attack may have been a surprise, no one is prepared for the one coming next. Everyone knows that Ray has been chatting with Brooke every week. Let’s bring her out and tell the world about the secret relationship the champion has been having with Brooke …Hold on. Not so fast.

\It’s not Brooke Hogan. It’s Brooke Tessmacher. This whole time, the “Brooke” he’s been with hasn’t been Hogan at all. He got us again. Ray continues.

“Now that I’ve got the hot Brooke with me, now that I’ve got the Huntington Beach Bad Boy with me, now that I’ve got my boy Tazz with me, does anybody doubt that Bully Ray can ever be stopped? There’s only one thing left to do…”
With that, the multi-talented Brooke Tessmacher literally sucks Bully’s wedding ring from his finger and spits it to the ground. So much for happily ever after.

Knockouts Special Book Of Lingere
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Date: Aug 7, 2013

View Photos: Knockouts Book Of Lingere > Click Here – Knockouts “Photo Book” > Click Click Here

Miss Tessmacher is featured in the new Special Edition Knockouts “Book Of Lingere”. It includes photos from the recent Knockouts photoshoots including some outtakes of never before seen photos of the girls. Be sure to check out these HQ scans with special thanks to Todd J. Parrish for sending these to us!

New Appearance: Lucky 13 Promotions
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Date: Aug 7, 2013

Brooke Adams / Miss Tessmacher is set to appear for Lucky 13 Promotions on September 21, 2013! Check out what Lucky 13 Promotions tweeted on their official Twitter Account.

If you are planning on attending the event and would like to donate any photos you take to the site, go ahead and e-mail them to! Full credit will be given to you!

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