WWE.com Biography

Name: Brooke

From: Houston, Texas
Career Highlights: Miss Hawaiian Tropic model
Associates: Kelly Kelly and Layla (Extreme Exposé)

Just one look into Brooke’s heavenly hazel eyes will have you thanking Kelly Kelly for bringing the greatest gift to ECW and sports-entertainment: Extreme Exposé.

Brooke rump-shook her way into the Land of the Extreme alongside Kelly and Layla on ECW on Sci Fi, heating up a cold night in January. It is a dream come true for her to share the stage with the sports-entertainers she’s idolized from the age of eight.

With a background that’s well-endowed with dancing credits, Brooke claims to have learned to groove from the girls on her high school basketball team. Years later, this former Miss Hawaiian Tropic model is one of the three ECW Divas that dish out the sexiest dance moves on television.

Brooke was born in St. Louis, but she is a Texas girl at heart. She lives in Houston and considers it her true hometown.