Exclusive First Interview

You first started by entering the 2006 WWE Diva Search, what was that experience like?

Entering the Diva Search was a phenomenal experience! Something I will never forget. I had just gotten my pro card in figure bodybuilding for the NGA. I was pretty ripped and to “hard” to keep modeling. My agent told me to either gain some fat and loose some muscle and go back to modeling, or keep dieting and stay in the fitness world. I honestly was just ready to go back to school. She forwarded me this email telling me this was the perfect job for my personality and body style. So I gave them a call but to my dismay they had already gotten all the finalist and the deadline was over. I had such a feeling of letdown but something in me told me to call them back. I called them the next day begging for a shot. I remember telling the casting director “If I have to get my horse and ride all the way from Texas to L.A. I will! Just give me a shot, I won’t let you down!”, and sure enough she saw something in me…some fire I guess you could say. I did have to pay my way out there and agreed that if I proceeded I’d also have to pay my way through the finals whereas everyone else would be taken care of. I flew to L.A. the next week, put what I felt was the best outfit to represent my personality and cut the best promo I could…. It ended up being just what they were looking for!

I had taken another girls spot and advanced to the TV filming of the next round. Going through the actual Diva Search was one of the most grateful moments I have. I remember being one of the only women who was an actual fan from childhood and teaching the rest about the roster and the company. All of these young women brought something beautiful to the table. I knew that I wasn’t 100% as prepared as I would have liked to be. I went in and gave it all of what I thought I had … In the end I now know I could have defiantly brought a little more. As I was cut I felt as if it was all for nothing and my dreams were literally ripped right from underneath me. It was a horrific moment for me. As I was sitting there in the back crying, Kevin Dunn (head of talent relations) told me to toughen up because I was getting a contract before everyone else and moving to Atlanta to train for the WWE. I wanted to cry more all over again, laugh, scream, and throw up all at once. It was the most surreal moment of my life. Then it dawned on me …. I did it.. this is it.

You were later signed to a developmental deal and sent to Deep South Wrestling, what are your best memories coming from there?

There isn’t one best memory from there, and I hate saying it but it was very tough to make it through. When entering the wrestling world you have to be built a little stronger mentally and obviously physically to deal with the business. In the ring, the training was unbelievably hard. A lot harder than I had anticipated. I would be standing there just trying to make sense of everything the class was doing and just get swept off my feet. That was his (Bill DeMott) way of teaching me how to fall, and he would do that to me at least 3 times a day. One day I’ll never forget… Bill had us all go out side and get into teams of 4. He had us all stand at one end with a cup about 2 yards ahead of us. We had to walk/run with a quarter in our ass all the way to the cup to drop it in the cup without dropping the quarter prior or you start over. This was one of the funniest things I think I’ve ever seen. 250+LBS men running with quarters up there ass is priceless!

There wasn’t much to do in McDonough. The highlight of that city was the Walmart down the street. I was so board at one point that I would go to Walmart and buy yards and yards of different fabric. I would cut them into 1ftx1ft squares and nail them to my wall. So my walls were completely fabric. It took a few months to finish and it occupied a lot of my time, but when I had to move to Florida for FCW, let me tell you how fun it was to take it all down! (laughs)

A few times while I was there I’d be on the road and I would have the boys back at home watch my dog (lil JAWZ). I was on a house show loop with Rebecca Dipetro and I got the call that he had gotten lost and they couldn’t find him. It was about 30 degrees in GA and my entire body just went numb. I was so helpless. I still had 4 days left on the road. It was one of the worst trips I had ever had on the road. When I finally got home I made signs and drove the roads endlessly for days…it wasn’t until 3 days later that I checked at the pound and there he was!

I would have the best times with Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), Rebecca Dipetro, Dan Rodimer, Nattie Neidhart (Natalya), Big Geroge or “G-Rillia” (Brodus Clay), and so many more.

When you were called up to be apart of ECW’s Extreme Expose, how did you react and what were your expectations?

I remember exactly what it was I was doing when I got the call that I was going up to ECW. I was preparing for the show at Deep South with Krissy Vaine (Kristen Astara) and going over a few last minute details. I took the phone from Bill Demott and almost passed out. I was so excited that I was completely frozen. I started pacing back and forth in excitement and nervousness. I didn’t really know what to expect when I went up. I knew it would be no fairy tail or easy ride. It was very tough and I knew that. It takes quite some time to get in and be accepted. The girls will all test you and make you earn you spot in the locker room.

Extreme Expose became a weekly stint on ECW, did you enjoy dancing every week? Did you incorporate any ideas for the next dance? (ex. outfits, song choice, choreography)

I did enjoy dancing every week but that was not my passion. I was training back at home and just wanted to be given a chance. So did Layla and Kelly Kelly for that matter. We loved the opportunity that was given to us but we all felt it was time to move on way before we were ever given the chance. We all came up with ideas for the dances. All 3 of us contributed to what we would do. We tried to switch off from who would be in the middle from one week to the next. As far as the outfits we would just bring a massive suit case and try and put on whatever matched. Then we started to call one another prior and try and bring matching items so we would be more in sync. In the beginning we didn’t have a whole lot of options for the music. We had to use generic music. Our debut was suppose to be to a Justin Timberlake track, and we had practiced the entire routine to that song and just minutes before we were about to go out on stage they told us we were going to have different music. We had no choice but to keep the same routine and just go with it. What a way to debut huh? (laughs)

What are your memories of your first WWE TV match?

My matches for WWE were pretty much battle royals. I was so freaked out. The first match I had was at SummerSlam and it was the Tri-Branded Battle Royal. It was Maria and I going at it, I punched her so hard in her noes that it busted open and at the same time my boobs fell out of my top.. AWESOME! I’ll never forget that one! Thank god they only aired me fixing my top.

You were unexpectedly let go from WWE, how did you take the news? Was there any reasoning behind it?

For me it wasn’t unexpected. It was something that had to happen. I can say I was very upset but there was no choice. It was a very private reason. It had nothing to do with anyone in the company.

Did you consider TNA around that time of being let go?

I did consider TNA after I was released, but needed time to go be Brooke again and get my life together. I had been gone for 2 years and I just wanted to be home with my friends and family.

Would you ever go back to WWE if given the opportunity?

I have no idea if I’d ever go back to WWE. I love working for iMPACT! Wrestling. They let me be me. TNA has so much talent and so many good people that I consider family. It’s a lot more laid back and comfortable. The sky is the limit and you have the opportunity to take yourself there.

Do you still keep in-touch with any of the WWE Superstars or Divas you have worked with?

I kept in touch with a bunch for a while. Over time the distance grew and numbers were lost and changed. So, no I am sad to say I don’t. Except for the few that are in TNA as of now. Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson. Every so often I still speak with Justin Roberts (WWE’s ring announcer) and former WWE Diva Rebecca DiPietro.

After a 3 year hiatus from wrestling, you debuted in TNA on an edition of iMPACT! What were your thoughts on returning to wrestling and being on TV again?

I was a lot more prepared when I returned to iMPACT. I couldn’t wait to get into the ring. It was a long wait but well worth it. I really never thought I would get back into the business. Going back was just what I needed. I am a natural athlete and crave the competition.

You were given the name “Miss Tessmacher”. What are your thoughts on it?

Not a name I would ever pick! (laughs) The name was 100% given to me by TNA. The name comes from the original Superman movie; Miss Tessmacher was Lex Luthor’s (villain) glamorous assistant/sidekick/love interest.

After months of being Eric Bishoff’s assistant, you were finally given a wrestling role, and having your TNA wrestling debut teaming up with former WWE Diva Mickie James! What were your thoughts going into that match?

All I could think about was how I felt being so privileged and honored to be able to get in the ring with such an amazing worker! I am a big fan of Mickie’s so the opportunity was priceless to me.

Just weeks after making your wrestling debut, you suffered a broken jaw. How did you react to the injury and what was going through your mind each day through recovery?

I was frenetic and uncontrollable. I had finally been given the chance to work and it was gone just like that. When I was first hit in my face and I gained consciousness I just thought that a tooth was missing. My jaw was numb right after impact. I ran to the car crying and just screamed to take me home. I couldn’t move my jaw or mouth at all. The pain was beyond anything I had ever felt before. And let me tell you the blood just kept flowing. When I finally got home I looked in the mirror and saw that all my teeth were still there. It was split so far apart down the middle it looked like two teeth were missing. As I would barely move my jaw up and down one part of my jaw would move one way and the other would more another way.

I spent over 8 hours the next day (Christmas) in the ER, another the following day getting my jaw wired shut, and 1 hour for surgery. My face was very deformed for a long time. I have two metal plates in my jaw with screws and will forever. The recovery was something I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through. Every day I grew more and more depressed because of the pain and because my face wasn’t getting any better. I couldn’t eat anything solid. It was all liquids for 2 months. My hair begin to fall out and break off in abundances. My hair is so damaged now and will take years to recover from. I think the worst part about laying there and not being about to do anything for two months was the thought that my face will be deformed forever and I’ll never be able to wrestle again. I still can not feel my face where my jaw is under the right side of my mouth, and I still deal with a lot of pain day to day.

After a 4 month hiatus, you made your return! What are your goals in your future with TNA?

I plan to take myself to the top with this company. No one will do it for you. I plan on going straight for the Belts.. The Knockouts Championship and the Knockouts Tag Championship.

We have a couple of questions from your fans!

Hey Brooke! It was a shame you really didn’t get to show case your training at FCW on WWE television. What were some of your favorite people or moments while training at FCW?
– Sarcy

Sarcy, its definitely a shame, but those things you really have no control over. I look as it as it just wasn’t my time. I loved working with Lacey Von Erich in FCW.

How were you approached by TNA?
– Mark

Mark, I actually was hired to do an autograph signing. The promoter asked me why I didn’t go to TNA, and at that point I had said “you know what I would love to go to TNA”, but at this point because there was so much time after I left I had no idea how to get into TNA. He pointed me in the right direction. I gave them a call and went on the road 2 months after with TNA.

Do you have any crazy airport stories or crazy fan encounter stories?
– CJ

CJ, hmm nothing to crazy in the airports because there is a lot of security around. Definitely, tons and tons of fans though waiting around in the airports for you to land and following you around. I did wake up a few times to fans sleeping outside my hotel room waiting at 5 a.m. for me to leave for the airport so they could get an autograph.

There was a time me, Kelly, and Layla were leaving from a show and had to stop for gas. This van pulled up and 3 little girls about the age of 7 jumped out telling us that they were big fans of ours and asked us if they could preform a dance for us. They had their mother put a song on in the van and busted out a memorized dance routine. It was so freakin cute. They were dressed like us and each announced witch one of us they were.. SOOOOO ADORABLE!

What do you have to say to all the people out there who idolize you?
– Bambi

Bambi, It’s hard to pin down one thing to say, and for me its so crazy to know that people idolize me. I am so grounded and always will be. Always remember to stand up for yourself and be YOU. All you have in this world is yourself. No one else has to walk in your shoes but you. So at the end of the day you have to be satisfied with your accomplishments. Do what you are content and happy with. What you do today will be remembered tomorrow but what matters today won’t matter later… You don’t have to be blonde, have blue eyes, weigh 100 lbs, or be rich to be successful. You have to have the want, the drive and the courage to!

Have you thought about what your finishing move would be, and if so, what would you name it?
– CJ

CJ, I have a few but I don’t want to ruin the surprise… I’ll give you the name of one move.. ASSSSSTASSSIC!!

Brooke, what is your middle name?

Jessica, my middle name is Nichole! :)

Hi Brooke, I’m Sara from Facebook, was eager to write, but I know you’ve written me on Facebook. I wonder if you one day you’ll get a page on Twitter, and also tell you that I’m your number one fan since I met you in WWE. I love you!
– Sara

Sara, Thanks for being such a great fan. You are a true fan and have followed me for a long time. I did finally get a Twitter! Yesss! Love you too girl!! xoxoxo

Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans and/or the people who have created your site?
– CJ

I would like to say to all my fans thank you and I truly love you guys. Without you my dream and passion for this company would not be possible. I promise to give everything I have every week to keep you guys tuned in. I can tell you this is my year and I can’t wait to show you what Miss Tessmacher is capable of! For the wonderful team that created my fan site, It is the most wonderful fan site I have ever had and I am proud to show it off! I’ll never be able to thank you enough and hope one day I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you in person!

Love you guys and ROCK ON!!

— Brooke Adams

Date of Interview: June 2011