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Extreme Exposé’s Brooke

The WWE Diva drops it like it’s hot
As a member of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s sexy threesome, Extreme Exposé, Brooke turns hardcore wrestling fans into dance aficionados every Tuesday night on the Sci Fi Channel. Now, the sexy Diva is stepping out of the ring and into our studios for one hell of a photo shoot.

What was it like shooting with FHM Online?
It was awesome! I’ve never done anything like this. There’s just so much that goes into the photo shoot—the photographer, the hair, the makeup. It was amazing. I loved it.

Most fans know you as a dancer with Extreme Exposé. Are you interested in getting in the ring and mixing it up?
I love what I’m doing now with Extreme Exposé, because it’s how I was brought into the WWE, but of course I want to wrestle. That’s where my passion is. When I’m in the ring, I don’t think about anything else. I train and have matches in Florida now and, hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to get in there and actually wrestle for the WWE.

John Cena has the FU. Do you have your signature move picked out yet?
A tilt-a-whirl into a DDT is what I want to use. I want to call it “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” since I’m kind of known for my best asset.

Do you ever get worried about messing up that asset in the ring?
No, because I was such a tomboy growing up. I played volleyball, basketball, rugby and I was interested in bodybuilding. I love to be glamorous, but I’m more comfortable in sneakers and sweats. I don’t ever think of messing up my looks. I’m so competitive that I just want to get in there and kick ass.

How does wrestling compare to the other sports you’ve competed in?
Wrestling is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m a natural athlete, everything comes pretty simple to me, but it’s so hard to learn how to wrestle. You can’t just run on a treadmill to get the cardio you need to get into the ring. You’re getting slammed. You’re hitting the ropes. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

Is there a certain Diva you’re looking to take down?
Obviously, Victoria, because she’s amazing. She’s the best bad guy in the WWE. She’s so good in the ring. She kills people in there. It’d be a little scary, but then again it’d be so rewarding to actually face her.

When did you know you wanted to be a Diva?
I remember watching Sable when I was in 8th grade and I knew that’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be the brunette version of Sable. She was a sex symbol with an amazing body. She had everything that everybody wanted. She had that “it” about her.

What’s life on the road like?
It’s not for everybody. If you can’t live out of a bag then the road is not for you. It’s hard because when I get home I go straight to training and then I hit the road again. I have an apartment and I’m there maybe once a week and then I leave again. And it’s difficult for me, because I have animals. But traveling can be fun. You get to see everything. It’s just really, really tiring.

What do you like best about your Extreme Exposé partners?
They both have two separate personalities, but they’re so much fun to be with. You have Layla who keeps us in line, because Kelly and I drift apart. Layla also comes up with the dances. When we have to learn dances our minds are in other places. We’re just like, ‘Tell us what to do!’ She’s kind of like our ringleader. She keeps us together. And then Kelly is just the free spirit goofball. They’re both beautiful in different ways. It’s amazing to work with those two girls.

Those dance moves get pretty fancy. Any embarrassing moments?
We’ve messed up, but the audience doesn’t know that we mess up. I haven’t fallen or tripped and I haven’t, you know, lost anything out of my outfit. Hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself.

Who would win in a triple threat match if Extreme Exposé ever went at it?
Oh, come on! Right here. Game over. No question.

Check out Brooke Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Extreme Championship Wrestling on the Sci Fi Channel. And don’t miss WWE’s SummerSlam Sunday, August 26 live on Pay Per View.

Date: Summer 2007