2017 Feb 02

TNA Knockout Brooke Adams Puts A Happy Bow On The Week

Brooke Adams is a former Miss Swimsuit USA competitor, a former Hooters girl, and perhaps most importantly a former TNA Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. The crazy thing about Adams’ rise to the championship, wasn’t that she eventually would win the title. It was simply how far she had come.

When Brooke was in WWE, her only role was to dance and manage other wrestlers, as a member of Extreme Expose. Essentially, just look hot, which of course was never exactly an issue for her. When Brooke was quietly released from WWE, many felt like she would never be seen in the wrestling world again. The fact was that she wasn’t an independent wrestler or someone that had spent years training. She was a former model, who latched on to WWE through their Diva Search competition.

So when she showed up as Eric Bischoff’s assistant “Miss Tessmacher”, many fans were pleasantly surprised, but ultimately expected very little. Instead, Brooke’s role continued to grow and she became a multi-time Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion and one of the biggest stars in the division. Adams would go on to compete on the Amazing Race, while recently returning to Impact Wrestling after the birth of her first child.

As you get ready for Super Bowl Sunday enjoy this look at Brooke Adams and remember to watch Impact Wrestling every Thursday night on Pop!


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